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Pimienta: "I will never be able to thank UD Las Palmas enough for everything they have done for me."

UD Las Palmas' coach emphasized in his last press conference that "I think it is important to put a comma or a semicolon, but never a full stop."

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García Pimienta spoke in the press room of the Estadio Gran Canaria, in what was his final appearance as the yellow team's coach. "I want to thank the players, the fans, and everyone at the club for their ambition," he began. "When Luis Helguera called me, he was very clear about my playing style. When you join a team, you have to get to know the players and show them all the ideas you have in mind. The team had a very clear disposition, and what I am most proud of is that the team is recognizable," he added.


These were some of his statements:

"Historically, UD has always had great players; this is what the fans deserve. During the game, I was very focused; it was not our best match. The people tried, but we didn't play well."

"The fans deserved not to lose this match. UD will be in the category it deserves next year, and I hope it stays there for a long time".

"I will never coach a group of people like the one I had here. I gave it my all, and all the decisions were clearly made with the best interests of the team in mind."

"I never imagined a farewell like this; I could never have imagined so much affection from the fans. I am even more convinced that I have to be honest with the club."

 "I have to be very grateful to UD Las Palmas. They gave me the opportunity to coach in both the Second and First Divisions. It has been very easy to work here, and that is why I am happy—because we achieved promotion and maintained our status; the club deserved it. I am also talking about all the fans and the island; I am a Canary Islander. There are lifelong friends here."