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Follow these steps:

  1. Log in or register here with the email you used to register for the subscriber campaign.
  2. Fill in your personal information.
  3. Log in to UDplay LALIGA+ with the email and password entered.
  4. You can now enjoy exclusive content, previews and broadcasts of all our matches or watch them in full again, live training sessions and much more.

Legal notes

The subscription is only valid in the email address you entered when renewing or registering as a subscriber.
It has an expiration period, it will only be available during the active season.

Tutorial for computers

Tutorial for phones

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On which devices can I enjoy UDPLAY on LALIGA+?

Móvil, Web o Tablet iOS y Android
Samsung SmartTV, LG SmartTV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Huawei TV
Chromecast – Available for Chromecast and Decos 4K-Smart Box devices with integrated Google Cast.

If you have a Samsung Smart TV or an LG, you just have to access your Profile and once inside the application, you can log in with your email and password or through the code provided by your television to connect from your mobile device

If you want to enter through the code, you must go to your profile section in the mobile application, select the “Activate Smart TV” option and enter the code that you are viewing simultaneously on your Samsung Smart TV

Available on all devices by downloading the app to IOS & AppleTV or Android & AndroidTV