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For only €15, you can enjoy a whole year of exclusive advantages and benefits as a member of the UDLP FANCLUB.

Your card is valid for a full year, which ensures unlimited excitement throughout the season!

In addition, you will receive an email two weeks before your card expires, so you can renew it and continue enjoying so many emotions for only €12.
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Why would I become a sympathizer?

  • You will receive 5% discount in the official store and exclusive discount code for the online store by requesting it at
  • You will get a free month of subscription to the UDPlay en LALIGA+..
  • Special discount at DISA and SHELL service stations.
  • Special electricity prices by contracting with DISA Electricidad. Special offers from our sponsors and Fanclub collaborators.
  • Preference to be a Scort Kid at home games.
  • Special offer to celebrate your birthday at the Gran Canaria Stadium.
  • Special offer on the Tour at the Gran Canaria Stadium.
  • Preference to take your photo with the starting 11 before the game.
  • Preference to meet the Pío Pío mascot.

You can request all these offers through email

See all the benefits