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Pimienta: "Athletic has players who can cause a lot of damage, and we'll have to be very attentive to turnovers."

García Pimienta appeared before the match against Athletic Club, a team he highlighted as "very united, everyone attacks and defends, and they have very vertical players, explosive and fast. They accumulate many players in the box."

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Here are some of his statements:

"I remember the match we played at San Mamés, we did almost everything right and we couldn't win. I expect a similar match."

"From here, I thank the fans for how they experienced the match in Getafe, despite the rain, they never stopped cheering."

"I don't care if the goal is scored by Munir or Álex Suárez. It's true that forwards thrive on goals. They train like animals and do what I ask of them. Not depending on one or two players in terms of goals is important to me."

"We are training exactly the same way, we only have the absence of Cristian Herrera."

"On the offensive side, we'll continue to be ourselves. Defensively, we're facing a very vertical team, and since they play with a high defensive line, if we're not attentive, they can create dangerous situations for us."

"The plan is to be protagonists with the ball and to be more focused than ever when we don't have it."