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Mika Mármol: "The club, the staff, and the team have always supported me to give my best."

The yellow player emphasized in his press conference, "From the first minute, they made it very easy for me. I'm very happy to be here."

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Mika Mármol appeared before the match against Sevilla FC at the Gran Canaria Stadium. Regarding the opponent, the UD Las Palmas player stated, "Despite being in the middle of the table, we know their greatness. It will be a very tough game where they will try to hurt us with their play. We'll have to minimize it."

Here are some of his statements:

"From the first minute, I said that my teammates, the staff, and the club made it very easy for me, and the island too. I'm very happy to be here, always trying to do my best and give my all; the team has helped me a lot."

"Sergio Ramos is always a role model for all defenders. Away from home, they are strong and are earning a lot of points."

"The Atlético de Madrid game was a tough blow for the whole team, but we kept competing. I think the recent results have been due to small details that have harmed us."

"We're competing and approaching games like we did in the early rounds, but the opponent is getting to know our style and trying to exploit our weaknesses."

"Every player would like to represent their country; I'm focused on continuing to play and giving my best in case that opportunity arises. The preliminary list came out, in which Alberto and I are included; we'll give our best to try to make it to the final list."