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Viera: We're playing at home in front of our fans. We are very close to achieving our goal, and we cannot fail.

The yellow captain stated before the Alavés match, We expect a very tough game, achieving promotion would be very special to me.

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Jonathan Viera appeared in the press room at the Ciudad Deportiva before the final that UD Las Palmas will play this Saturday against Deportivo Alavés. The yellow captain expressed his excitement about the match, saying, "It would be very special for me to achieve promotion, it was already special in 2015, and this would be a bit more special considering the stage of my career and everything that has happened to get here." He also valued the fact that "I approach the match with more calmness; the previous promotion happened when I was younger, and years bring tranquility. Anxiety and nerves can take a toll on you, and my mission is to transmit calmness." 

Some of his statements include:

"I expect a very tough game; I know the Alavés coach very well and I know how he will set it up. We're playing at home, with our people, we have the dream right there, and we can't fail." "What we're focusing on is that there are 90 minutes left, and we have always been very strong in front of our fans; Saturday won't be an exception." 

"We have to go out to win; we're not thinking about what comes after, we're only focused on Saturday."

"I came here to stay, but today is not the time to talk about my future. We have to concentrate on what's coming on Saturday."

"I like players like Villalibre, who trusts in his people, it's logical, just like we're going to do."

"It's normal to feel nervousness; we all know what's at stake. This match is to enjoy and, logically, to win. These kinds of matches don't come around often in a player's career."

"The support from the fans is incredible; I've been here since I was 14 or 15, but I've never seen people so involved as they are now. We all deserve to be in La Liga."