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García Pimienta: "Players and fans deserved a day like this"

UD Las Palmas' coach stated after the victory against Villarreal CF, "We're not better than anyone, but if we compete like this, we can beat any team."

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García Pimienta addressed the media in the press room after the victory against Villarreal CF at Gran Canaria. The yellow team's coach expressed about the match, "Very happy with the victory. We've been competing well in the last three games, and we needed this win. The other day, we had a bad day, and the players deserve to have a day like this, just like the fans."

Some of his statements:

"Kirian has stepped up in terms of leadership, getting a lot into the box. He needs to keep working and improving; when he's on form, he makes us all better."

"Juanma played in the Copa del Rey, and he did very well. He competed and defended excellently. I'm very happy for him and for the club; there's a lot of potential in the youth academy."

"We were better. I have the feeling that in the first thirty minutes, the team was at an excellent level. Today, we deservedly won the three points."

"We can win, draw, or lose, but we must always have the demand to compete. The players are making a brutal effort; they compete like animals."

"The fans know how to reward the players' merit, and it showed today."