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Coco: "It's important to finish the season with good feelings and push ourselves harder in training every day, because it's not giving us what we need."

The yellow center-back noted before the visit to RCD Mallorca that "the game will have an emotional component. It seems like neither of us has fully secured safety."

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Here are some of Saúl Coco's statements from the press conference:

"It's going to be a very tough game, with an emotional component. They're also in a difficult situation and it seems like neither of us has fully secured safety. They'll want to be strong to get out of that zone and we'll have to show our best version."

"Whenever you find yourself in these situations, you feel impotence and frustration. You have to learn and face it with self-criticism, but from a place of calmness."

"I have one more year left, the club is happy and so am I, from there on everything is managed by my agent. I'm the first to tell him that at least during the season I don't want to know anything, because I want to stay focused."

"I understand it could be interpreted as relaxation, I can't say exactly what it has been, personally I haven't relaxed and we know it's important to finish the season with good feelings."

"We've had a couple of rounds where we haven't been favored by some refereeing decisions, but what's in our hands is what happens on the field. We can't excuse ourselves with that because we'd lose focus, we have to focus on ourselves."

"When you're in a good dynamic, you concede a goal, and you don't face it the same way. The team remained very calm and focused on what it had to do, and now that situation generates doubts. We have to reinforce the mental and emotional aspect."