UD Las Palmas flies high (1-0)

Just one solitary goal, scored by Momo from a penalty after being previously fouled, was enough to secure three points that keep UD Las Palmas in the top spots of the classification one week longer. The Canarians dominated the game during several phases o

UD Las Palmas faced its fourth match of the season, the second at home. The goal: to secure three points after being defeated by Sevilla last week. The yellows displayed some changed in the lineup, like Lemos’ presence in the defence and Momo’s in the midfield.

The 19.000 attendants didn’t have to wait long to see the first (and unique) goal: the penalty came after a tackle by Recio on Momo in the minute 10. Momo himself transformed the goal and UD Las Palmas took a lead in the score. Recio saw the yellow card for this action.

The goal gave wings to the islanders, who began believing and controlled the game. But it was a short lead, and no relax was allowed.

Malaga reactivated in the last minutes of the first half time, looking for a counterattack to level the score. UD Las Palmas, in the meantime, began to suffer the approaches by the andalusiens. A Bigas header that was blocked by Kameni put an end to the first part of the game.

The second halftime began with no changes on both sides and full suspense in the scoreboard. The match gained in tension by the minute. A counterattack driven by Tana was finished with a death pass from Momo which Livaja could not culminate by a millimetre. UD Las Palmas was showing their claws to the andalusian pressure.

In the last minutes of the first half Malaga seemed more active and dangerous, looking a striking counter-attack to level the score, meanwhile UD Las Palmas was looking for a second breath and was suffering in reaching the mid time ahead.

Juande Ramos, Malaga’s coach, moved the bench in order to put on the field the grancanario Sandro and the morroccan En Nesiry, looking to reverse the score. Setién gave a chance to Araujo with half an hour ahead. Livaja left the field suffering with a limb.

The midfield disappeared, the game was broken. It felt like anything could happen. Minute 70 arrived, and Prince got in the field replacing Nabil, who made a great effort against the suffocating pressure from Malaga. The andalusiens were decided not to leave the island empty handed. The game was now a give and take and Setién shot his last bullet with the substitution of Momo for Mateo. The veteran player left the field cheered by the fans.

Finally, Araujo kicked the ball against the goal post in the minute 92. That was the end of a difficult and tight match that leaves UD Las Palmas with the desired three points payoff. UD Las Palmas has earned nine points in four matches and remains thirds, which would lead the team to Champions League.

The dream remains.