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Pimienta: "We've got to approach the match with the utmost intensity and commitment."

The coach stated in the lead-up to the Copa del Rey game against Manacor, "The enthusiasm of teams from other categories evens the playing field. We'll have to display our best form to advance in the knockout round."

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The yellow coach appeared in a virtual press conference, from the yellow squad's concentration hotel in Mallorca. Regarding the match, García Pimienta mentioned that UD Las Palmas is approaching it 'with enthusiasm and as an opportunity to play a different competition, also for the players who unfortunately have less playing time and for the reserve team's young players who can take part.' About the opponent: 'Manacor is one of the standout teams in their category, and we have to approach the match with maximum intensity and commitment.'


Here are some of his statements:

'Lemos is making an effort to be fit; he's still in quite a bit of pain, and we won't risk a dangerous situation. Pejiño should be available; he's trained well. Tomorrow, we'll decide the starting lineup.'

'I'm only focused on tomorrow's match; every knockout game has surprises, and we'll have to perform exceptionally well to advance. I'm solely focused on winning.'

 'Palmero is a full-back who has trained with us several times, providing versatility in different positions. Yadam is an attacking midfielder with a lot of quality, fitting the profile of the Canarian player that we admire so much.'

'Las Palmas will undoubtedly compete in the cup, with the players we consider suitable at any given time. We're not a squad prepared for playing two games a week, so it's a great opportunity for those with less playing time.'

'If we go out to play thinking we'll win just because we're from a higher category than the opponent, it will be tough.'

'Eric has been a crucial player for me since I arrived, except for the time he was injured. He doesn't play because I choose another teammate, not because he doesn't deserve it. I have complete confidence in him.'"