Pimienta: "We need to be brave and and ball-focused at the Bernabéu."

The coach of UD Las Palmas emphasized in a press conference that against Real Madrid, our intention is to have possession; if we are well-organized, we will have a chance to attack them

García Pimienta held a press conference before the trip to Madrid, where UD Las Palmas will face the match at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium tomorrow. The coach highlighted that Real Madrid "is coming off a loss and they will be eager to win at their stadium." He added, "They will put us under pressure many times, so we need to be defensively organized."

Here are some of his statements:

"Real Madrid is accustomed to playing under pressure. When things aren't going well, it won't be a problem for them. These are clubs used to playing midweek and weekend matches; pressure is nothing to them. We have to be brave and proactive with the ball. Stay very focused to avoid mistakes. We will approach the match to win it."

"Analyzing the kind of match we expected, Munir's position gave us more play for the type of player who comes to receive. Munir has a knack for scoring near the goal, as seen in the two offside actions, which he resolved very well."

"Both Sory, Javi Muñoz, and Coco came on at a challenging moment in the match. Sergi is having a fantastic start to the season. He's been in the second division for two seasons, and this is his first in the top flight. He's in a growth process, and I'm very happy for him."

"Records are made to be broken, for better or worse. I'm very optimistic about what I see from my team, how they train and compete. I hope we win at the Bernabéu tomorrow, not just to break a streak but to continue accumulating points, which is crucial."

"Jonathan has played up front, on the left wing, as an interior... depending on the players we have and the opponent's style, we organize the team accordingly."