Pimienta: "There's no room for error in the Cup, we're eager to make it through the round."

UD Las Palmas coach, García Pimienta, stated, "We'll face the match fully prepared to stand up to Tenerife. In the Cup, there's no margin for error."

García Pimienta appeared in the press room at the Ciudad Deportiva to discuss with the media the upcoming Copa del Rey encounter against CD Tenerife, which the yellows will face tomorrow at Heliodoro Rodríguez López.

The coach began by mentioning, "In the Cup, there's no room for error, and the team that doesn't win is out. I'm eager for everyone to get involved; in the league, more or less the same players feature repeatedly, but tomorrow, some will have their chance. We'll field a highly competitive team to confront Tenerife; we owe it to the badge, and we're really looking forward to tomorrow's match."

Here are some of his statements:

"The team fights until the very end and tries to win games until the last minute, but it's not easy. It's never about fatigue or people giving up; it's just that the opponent is stronger."

"The squad is in good shape, but we should be open to any market opportunities. There are no specific names at the moment, but we must be prepared for anything."

"Marvin won't be participating; he's feeling some discomfort, which isn't major but won't allow him to play. Curbelo won't be available either due to other discomforts, and we'll assess Munir's condition today."

"Tenerife has a great team, fighting for promotion spots. These matches disregard the categories; they're unique and special. It's going to be a celebration of Canarian football, and we'll face it with great enthusiasm."