Pimienta: "I feel pride in what this team does; the players gave their all against a rival like Real Madrid."

UD Las Palmas' coach expressed pride in his team, stating that despite the defeat, "it's not easy to take the lead and create chances against a team of Real Madrid's caliber." He added, "The guys gave their all."

García Pimienta appeared in the press room at Estadio Gran Canaria after the match against Real Madrid (1-2). The yellow coach stated, "I feel proud of what the players have done, facing a rival like Real Madrid, taking the lead, creating chances... The guys gave their all."

Here are some of his statements:

"From the very beginning, it was evident that the team wanted to have the ball; with the score at 1-2, we went for the equalizer at all times."

"I want to thank the fans for their constant support; they never stopped cheering us on during the entire 98 minutes."

"We are capable of competing against a top team like Real Madrid. We have a clear goal, and hopefully, we achieve it as soon as possible."

"We are in La Liga, and our goal remains survival. We need to approach every game with the same intention to compete."

"I am delighted with the players we have; it's a reliable squad, and we have to be consistent with the resources we have. I am sure the fans will also be proud of the team."