Pimienta: "The team maintained patience throughout; we knew the goal was coming."

UD Las Palmas' coach expressed being "very pleased with the 21 points we've gained. The lads give 100% in training, but sometimes it doesn't click, like against Betis. However, what we've achieved so far, no one can take away."

UD Las Palmas secured a crucial win at the Estadio Gran Canaria against Getafe CF, with goals from Julián Araujo and Cristian Herrera. The yellow team's coach began by stating, "The game unfolded somewhat as we expected. The team remained patient throughout. We didn't know who, but someone would show it." "The goal's build-up in the first half was excellent and meant a lot for the team," he added.

Here are some of his statements:

"Hats off to Cristian Herrera; he works tirelessly every day. I'm thrilled for his goal. With 21 points, we'll celebrate the victory. Tomorrow, we'll recover and rest on Sunday."

"We showed a lot of character; we're strong this way. Everything we're doing is benefiting us a lot, and eventually, the fans appreciated it."

"Sandro was doing so well that I felt like keeping him in the entire game, but playing the full 90 minutes would've been too demanding, so we took him off earlier."

"Anyone who gets a chance must be ready to score. When I arrived, we were a team that created chances but also conceded a lot. The players are making a tremendous effort to defend away from the goal. It all results from conceding few opportunities."

"I'm delighted with the 21 points. We need to be aware of who we are. The lads give 100%, and there are days when it doesn't come off, like against Betis. However, what we've achieved so far, no one can take away."