Paco Jémez: “It has been an awful day in every sense”

Las Palmas’ trainer recognised his team were never in the match today, and said, “if you are not in good form against Villarreal you will lose the game”. Paco Jémez was highly critical of his team’s performance tonight ,and summed up by saying “we have

The yellows’ trainer analyzed the game, stating “we kept on losing the ball so cheaply, I know Villarreal are a great side, but there was such a difference in pace between the teams”. He added that it seems when his team cannot find a way through against their rivals, “we just go mad”.

With reference to the changes he made at half time, he said: “we tried to push forward but as soon as we realized Villarreal were controlling the midfield, we had to take Érik off”.

”Now we really need to bust a gut, whoever doesn’t pull their weight will be left out, if we are to fall we will do so with dignity and pride”, he concluded in the press room at the Estadio Gran Canaria.