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Paco Jémez: "I still can’t believe we lost 3-0"

Paco Jémez said today, following today’s 3-0 defeat against Atlético de Madrid, "I still can’t believe we lost 3-0. We did a lot of good things today, but we are still making mistakes that are being punished at this level".

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"I leave here disappointed, but not angry. I believe we played a good match for long spells, but when the mistakes started creeping in we were punished for them. Atlético de Madrid are specialists at taking advantage of just these types of situations, I don’t want to take anything away from our rivals, but we need to change the way we play".

"Psychologically the team is fine. The game was under control until we started to make mistakes. I don’t see this result as a step backwards. We now need to turn our attention to Málaga, who are direct rivals, although it is not a cup final. If we win we will be able to see things much more clearly, but we won’t have achieved anything by then, as there are still so many points to play for. In our current situation the only thing that matters is winning", admitted Jémez.