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Paco Herrera: “Winning in La Rosaleda would change everything”

Las Palmas’ manager stated that victory against Málaga would mean an important change in his team’s fortunes. “It is easy to move on if we win a match such as this”.

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Paco Herrera appeared in his usual pre-match press conference on the eve of tomorrow’s clash against Málaga at 19.00, and analysed the team from Andalusia, saying “their team has one objective and that is promotion. They might let you have possession of the ball but will then hit you when you make any mistakes”.

New faces in the squad for this match are the club’s latest signings Aythami and Srnic, and Herrera explained “Aythami is fit while Srnic still has a little way to go, but he needs to start mixing with the group because he is a player that has a lot to bring to the team”.

“I will try to keep our playing style the same, and make as few changes to the team as possible” he responded to questions about his line-up, saying that he has his whole squad available to “keep the starting line-up going as long as possible, while using all the substitutes to keep all the players fired up”, concluding his appearance in the press room at the Estadio Gran Canaria.