Pepe Mel: "We lacked speed on the ball"

Las Palmas’ manager, after tonight’s defeat against Cádiz, said “we made the mistake of not moving the ball around quickly enough against a side that were well positioned on the pitch”, adding "the team is disappointed because some of the things we do from memory simply didn’t come off".


18/10/2019 21:50

Pepe Mel began his post-match press conference by apologising for his sending off in the second half, admitting "I shouldn’t have done what I did, and I am sorry for that. The referee is the one to lay down the law and respect should be reciprocal". Regarding the second half penalty his team conceded, Pepe Mel stated "it didn’t look like a clear penalty from where I was standing, and De la Bella told me afterwards that the Cádiz player himself said it wasn’t a penalty". 

As for the game, Mel said "I am not happy about the result, we are a footballing side and all things we are capable of doing didn’t come off tonight". The manager put his team’s errors down to the fact they were not quick enough in possession, saying "we work hard on this aspect of the game and we looked quite sluggish against a side that covers the pitch really well". 

The trainer explained why Christian Cedrés was a last minute absentee, saying "he was one of the options we had in midfield as we only had Juan Fernández in a forward position, but he has been sick the whole day. Mantovani has discomfort in his abductor and the situation doesn’t look good, we will run tests on him and see what the extent of his injury is", he said.

Despite tonight’s defeat, Pepe Mel stated "we need to take stock of the future, we are still on a good run and are continuing to grow".