Pepe Mel: “Today we should savour our win”

Pepe Mel was happy with his side’s first three-point haul away from home, saying “today we should savour this win but tomorrow we need to turn our attention to Saturday’s game in Lugo”.


02/10/2019 22:12

Pepe Mel spoke highly of Jonathan Viera, saying “we cannot apologise for having great players, quite the opposite, it is a blessing”. Despite the win that sees Las Palmas move closer to a play-off spot the manager played down the achievement, adding: “our objective is to win our next game, the same objective we had four days ago before the game against Ponferradina”.

 “The team is growing and that is important” he stated. “Football is all about the players and the rest of us give a helping hand where we need to”. The manager said “Fabio gives us balance and prevents the team from breaking up when Viera and Pedri are in forward positions. He is very young but he shows maturity on the pitch”. 

He finished with some words for his captain, saying “Aythami is a very important player for us both on and off the pitch”.