Pepe Mel: "If you stick your chest out in this league, you will be buried"

Pepe Mel admires Cádiz's positive start to the season. "They are a dangerous side in everything they do. The mood in our camp is great, but in this league you cannot stick your chest out, otherwise you will be buried". He acknowledges that has two alternatives to make up for the absence of his young international star Pedri.


16/10/2019 12:36

Pepe Mel admires the start that Cádiz CF have made to the season: "No team is top of this league by chance after eleven matches. In their last match, Málaga had all the possession and Cádiz were stuck in their own half. You'd think that Málaga were in control, but it was Cádiz who were running things. They nick the ball off you and score a break-away goal, and that's match over. The second division is so long that whoever sticks their chest out is quickly beaten back", he said regarding this side's current good form.

Las Palmas' manager points to his side's team ethic over any individual stars. "I don't agree with praising specific players. Jonathan Viera and Pedri are the first to get possession back for the team, and that's the team's job. When we were 3-0 up against Depor we had eight players running back to defend their counter attack. That for me is really important".

"The players are the ones to enjoy things now that we are winning. Our mood is sky high. The feeling in the camp has always been possible, even when we have lost. We have gelled as a team, with some brilliant players who have improved the team even further. It is the trainer's job to manage this", he admitted.

He said that he was still unsure of his starting line-up. "I am very happy with the work that Alvaro Valles has put in. He didn't put a foot wrong on his debut. We are doubly pleased, in fact. We decided not to sign another goalkeeper following Raúl's injury because we trusted in our two goalkeepers. You would think that Josep should be between the sticks tomorrow, but they are both playing equally well". Pepe Mel is juggling with two options to replace Pedri, who is away with the Spanish Under 17s squad in Brazil.