Pepe Mel: "I would like the fans to get behind the team tomorrow"

Las Palmas manager Pepe Mel said today "now is not the time to be pessimistic. I would like the fans to get behind the team tomorrow". For the clash against Sporting de Gijón, the yellows will be welcoming back Pedri, but will be missing Rubén Castro through injury, while they wait on permission for Jonathan Viera to play. "Sporting de Gijón are up against it just as we are. They have good players and have two playing styles. It is important for us to win this game. When things aren't going well, I am the one who takes all the responsibility", he underlined.


18/09/2019 12:55

Mel added that his team are not having much luck and that losing Benito "has hurt us a lot", while saying: "The return of Pedri provides some relief for us, but it is clear we will be a better side once our injured strikers (Araujo, Rubén Castro and Benito) are back. He recalled that the mood after the last defeat was not good: "We cannot lose the initial idea, nor can we play like we did last year".


As they wait on whether Jonathan Viera will get the go ahead to play tomorrow, Mel spoke of Drolé starting the game: "It is an option we have considered. Wide players are important. We know only too well that when he gets the ball he makes things happen, even though he may not make the right decision. Perhaps now is his time. He is a player that we need to administer properly", he admitted.


He called for the home fans to get behind the team. "I have to get the most out of each player. It is true we have struggled to put out a solid side. The players themselves keep me calm, due to how they think, work, and the mood they are in. It is a young side which will grow. Everything they have to go through is good for Las Palmas. If the fans are unhappy with what they have seen tomorrow, they have to take it out on the manager", he concluded.