Pako Ayestarán: "I share the blame for the result"

UD Las Palmas trainer, Pako Ayestarán, said following this afternoon’s defeat that "it was not a fair result”, although he continued, "if anyone dominated play today, then that was Las Palmas".


19/11/2017 19:59

He admitted that "everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong, while what could have gone well also went wrong". Referring to his team’s performance, he said: "The team showed improvement, but our slightest errors are punished. We need to have confidence and to be more effective".

Regarding the club’s precarious position, he was calm, saying: "If I am sure about one thing that is that I am not giving up. We are convinced we will climb our way out of this". Referring to his team’s showing today, he said "their attitude was spot on today, I have no complaints".

Ayestarán sent out a message to the fans at the end of the press conference in the Estadio Gran Canaria: "We are as hurt as they are", adding: "It is unusual to play such a good second half and end up losing". The manager shares the blame for his team’s negative position.