Las Palmas suffer a heavy defeat in El Molinón (4-0)

Las Palmas were unexpectedly swept aside in El Molinón after having played some good football early on. Two goals in the first minute of the second half were the keys to a painful final 4-0 scoreline. Lemos was sent off for two yellow card offences.


08/03/2020 15:58

This heavy defeat that Las Palmas suffered in Gijón didn’t reflect the efforts of both sides despite the four goals to nil difference. The first half saw Mel’s side dominate and create good chances, while the second half was a time to forget as they conceded two goals in the first minute. UD Las Palmas and Sporting de Gijón were both keen to pick up points in one of Spain’s most attractive football stadiums, El Molinón Enrique Castro Quini stadium. There were no surprises in Las Palmas’ starting line-up. De la Bella was back at left back and Tana in midfield.

Sporting were quickly out of the blocks and after just three minutes Mauricio Lemos headed the ball off his own goal line following a well-placed header by Babin. Las Palmas began to settle as the game wore on. They began to get hold of possession and nearly went ahead with a shot by Benito Ramírez which Mariño turned behind for a corner. 

Las Palmas continued to improve in the final moments of the first half. They had three chances to score, two for Rubén Castro and another for Tana, but luck was not on their side. Sporting looked shaky in defence. In the last minute before half time, a powerful volley by Fabio crashed against the crossbar, leaving Las Palmas deserving to be ahead for their bold approach and chances created. 

Pedri, who was applauded by home fans in El Molinón for his imaginative football, and Tana both set the alarm bells ringing in the home side’s defence every time they went forward. Mel’s side were playing some of their best football of the season in the closing minutes of the first half, and were just lacking the killer touch. 

The beginning of the second half was a nightmare for Las Palmas. Within two minutes of the restart Álvaro and Babin had put the home side two goals up, which came to a surprise to everyone. The game took a new turn for Las Palmas as they faced an uphill struggle to turn a surprising scoreline around. Mel quickly reshuffled his pack by bringing on Srnic and Fede Varela in place of Fabio and Eric Curbelo.

Recent signing Cristian López made his debut for Las Palmas with half an hour to go. They had no alternative but to go for broke in an attempt to not leave Gijón empty-handed. A third goal by Murillo in the 73rd put paid to any hopes of a comeback, and then Nacho Méndez scored a further goal to make the final score 4-0 for the Asturian side.

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  • D. Mariño
  • Babin
  • Molinero
  • Damián Pérez
  • Medina
  • Javi Fuego
  • Carmona (79')
  • Murilo Souza
  • Pedro Díaz (85')
  • Manu García (73')
  • Álvaro


  • Aitor G. (80')
  • P. Pérez
  • Christian J. Sánchez
  • Borja López
  • Nacho Méndez (74')
  • Djurdjevic
  • José Gragera (86')
  • Álvaro Vallés
  • De la Bella
  • Eric Curbelo (53')
  • Aythami C.L.
  • Mauricio Lemos
  • Fabio (53')
  • Tana
  • Benito (62')
  • Javi Castellano
  • Pedri
  • R. Castro


  • Cristian (63')
  • Srnic (54')
  • Pablo Haro
  • Mantovani
  • Josep Martínez
  • Kirian Rodríguez
  • Fede Varela (54')


El Molinón-Enrique Castro "Quini" (18.610 spectators)


  • 1-0 (46'). Álvaro
  • 2-0 (49'). Babin
  • 3-0 (73'). Murilo Souza
  • 4-0 (85'). Nacho Méndez


Óliver de la Fuente awarded Damián Pérez (1') from Real Sporting y Mauricio Lemos (10')(92') from UD Las Palmas.