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Miguel Angel Ramírez: “The Club has already reached Quique Steién a contract renewal offer”

Miguel Angel Ramírez declared himself proud of the economic benefit of last financial year. The Club’s top leader said “we work quietly, we don’t want to create unrealistic expectations” regarding the arrival and departure of players in the winter market.

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President of UD LasPalmas, Miguel Angel Ramirez, has declared “proud of the economical benefit” after the Annual General Meeting “At present UD Las Palmas is a company with benefits, ten years ago we had a 72 million euros debt”. 

“The sport management is handling the arrival and departures of players. We aren’t in a hurry, we don’t want to create unrealistic expectations”, said the president when asked about the transfer market. “Our policy on expenditure won’t change.” He also confirmed that the trainer is “looking to make place for home- grown playes”.

While talking about Jesé Rodríguez, actual player of París Saint Germain, he declared “he wants to come and play in the UD Las Palmas, but his wage according to his status, is unaffordable for us. There are important clubs that are willing to pay him the whole wage. We find ourselves in decided disadvantage therefore we have to wait”.

He talked about Quique Setién’ s renewal as trainer. “The UD Las Palmas has reached Quique Setién a renewal proposal and we will get his answer one of these days.  This matter is completely in the hands of the sports management”. Asked about Araujo he declared “we still believe in Sergio Araujo” and the Club is not considering him leaving in January. “He has been our reference player and we still trust him”, he concluded.