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Manolo Márquez: "It was a fair result"

Yellows’ trainer Manolo Márquez ensured that victory against Athletic was a fair result, saying "we went for a win and we deserved to win"

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"I think that both defences were able to cope with the opposing team’s attacks" with reference to both his and Athletic’s attacking attempts, adding "in general terms it was hard to get in behind their defence and into the area". As for the possible injury to Halilovic, the manager was cautious, saying that "he doesn’t look too good at the moment, but we don’t know anything for sure right now". 

Regarding Vitolo, who started tonight’s match, he said: "we decided to play him from the start, as he needed match practice", and then with reference to next Wednesday’s match in Sevilla, "I am expecting Vitolo to be in the travelling group". In tonight’s match, and following his team’s victory, he said "we both went out with a lot of respect for each other, and as time went on we gradually began to take control of the match".

Following French international Remy’s fine performance, Manolo Márquez stressed: "Remy has great quality and is highly professional".  

Regarding his squad, the manager pointed out "we have a lot more potential than we have been showing so far". At the end of the game he had a few hard words with visiting manager Ziganda, and made it clear that "these are things that are said in the heat of the moment, the subject is now closed".