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García Pimienta: "We need the fans because together we are much stronger."

Garcia Pimienta began the press conference by expressing condolences to all the victims of the Valencia fire, sending support and encouragement from the coaching staff and players.

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García Pimienta appeared on Friday in the press room of the Ciudad Deportiva, where he indicated that "Osasuna is a great team, I like them for their club model. After coaching Real Sociedad, their coach is a top technician who has gone through all the categories. He has worked hard to reach professional football. After arriving at Real Sociedad, he must take a step back and does so to consolidate a team like Osasuna, which has been in La Liga for many seasons, was a Copa del Rey finalist, and plays in the Supercopa." "He has the way of playing for Osasuna very internalized. It is not easy to stay in La Liga, the coach of Osasuna is an example," he added.

Here are some of his statements:

"It's going to be a very demanding match; we have to be very attentive defensively. They are a team that crosses a lot into the area. It will be a very disputed match, and we hope that what we expect and have prepared for will happen."

"Wherever we go, there are always yellow shirts, it's a shame what happened with the result last week. You can tell they are proud of their team. I want to thank them for their behavior throughout the season and hope that on Sunday we can give the fans three points after the blow from last matchday."

"You see the setup, the celebration of the goals by the coach, Simeone's statements, and you realize that they treated us like one of the big teams. That showed that they treated us like a big team. They didn't stop running for 90 minutes."

"Fortunately or unfortunately, the playing styles are different, the profile of the players as well, and the way of defending our players. Each one plays to their strengths."