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García Pimienta: "We did really well"

At the end of the game, the yellow coach came to the press room and expressed his delight with the victory. "The squad has had a lot of patience to find the reward of the goal," he says.

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In his remarks, García Pimienta made clear that "I feel like the squad has done extremely well. The boys were highly focused in the match, and the conclusion was defined by our game. We have won an award for tenacity thanks to our effort and patience.

He stated, "analyzing the season, I believe we are close to what a squad that aspires to achieve something important" "I'd want to thank the fans. The atmosphere was perfect, and this victory is dedicated to them" (19,876 spectators, today, in Gran Canaria).

Finally, he emphasized that "today we saw a supportive team, committed and loyal to its idea." "The changes also gave us a lot," he says. I'm delighted, and we did an excellent job."