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García Pimienta: "The team has shown resilience and competitiveness."

UD Las Palmas' coach highlighted after the defeat against FC Barcelona, "We have endured defensively. The boys have competed without possession and with one player less."

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García Pimienta addressed the media in the press room of the Estadio Olímpico Lluís Companys, following the loss against FC Barcelona. Regarding the match: "We adapted to a situation we weren't accustomed to, except for this match against Barça; we have always been victorious in possession, allowing us to dictate the course of the game."

Some of his statements:

"Valles' dismissal is justified; I have nothing to say. I haven't seen the offside action clearly repeated, and the fourth official has informed us that they saw it that way."

"Valles is upset; I saw it at the end of the first half. It's not just about being sent off, leaving the team with one player less; you feel a bit responsible. Álvaro is having a magnificent year. Aarón had a very good debut match."

"We always train with a game plan, which involves having the ball. We had to play with one player less in such a scenario. Very proud of the team; they have shown the ability to compete and endure with one player less, even without a team like Barça creating very clear chances."

"I've been here for 28 years as a coach; I've grown as a player, coach, and person, but right now, I'm at UD Las Palmas. I've had three wonderful years at a club that has given me everything. We've been able to play a promotion playoff and achieve direct promotion. I'm very focused on finishing the season as best as possible."