García Pimienta: If a big club wants to achieve important things, they have to get used to the pressure.

The coach of UD Las Palmas spoke at a press conference before the match against Albacete BP: We are focused on the fact that it's going to be a very demanding game.

The coach of UD Las Palmas, García Pimienta, appeared before the media in the press room at the Ciudad Deportiva, before facing Albacete BP on Monday. He highlighted in his speech that the team "We have to be faithful to our idea, but be more aggressive towards the goal. We depend on ourselves to get what we want."

Regarding the opponent: "Albacete is a newly promoted team, they are doing very well and have very important players." "We have to be effective again and be more solid. We have our own style of play, which is what has brought us to where we are," he reiterated.

Regarding the team's absences, the coach indicated that "It's a shame about Florin's injury, a teammate fell on him and caused that fracture. I hope to be able to count on Vitolo as soon as he gets medical clearance."

He was clear in stating that: "We always want to go for the ball, but sometimes the opponent studies you to prevent it. If we had been more accurate in front of goal, we would have won more games."