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García Pimienta: "If we get possession, they will have a difficult time, but the same will be true in reverse."

The UD Las Palmas coach stated that "if we are not together and coordinated, they will put us in difficulties."

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This Friday, UD Las Palmas will face FC Andorra. Before the game, UD Las Palmas coach García Pimienta addressed to the media and stated that "Andorra is one of those teams that you enjoy watching but not playing against. We have a lot in common because we normally dominate possession of the ball and struggle when we don't."

"They have a very clear profile of technical players, so it will be a difficult match because of the type of team we will be facing," he added about the Yellow team's opponent.

He emphasized the squad's strong defensive performance this season: "I was certain that the team would play well and create chances; fortunately, we persuaded the players to be bold when defending far from our goal in order to limit the opponent's attacks. We are really dependable when we do not have the ball, but also when we do "he continued.

García Pimienta feels possession will be the deciding factor in Friday's game: "They will struggle if we get the ball, but it will be the same in reverse. Andorra will cause us significant harm if we do not work together and coordinate our efforts. The key, I believe, will be who gets greater possession of the ball."

In relation to the team's standings, he stated: "It is as expected; there are teams with high-quality squads, and there is still a long way to go. Whatever happens, we must aim for three points."

"We have many options," he said of Coco's absence due to card accumulation. "I feel sorry for Coco since he won't be able to play, but we have enough of solutions for that position."

"Our fans constantly want more, and the players understand better than I do that this demand from our fans causes us to expect more from ourselves," he said.