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García Pimienta: " I can't ask for more from the team, because we created very clear opportunities."

After the draw against Real Sporting, the coach stated that "Overall, the team has been pretty good, we have been very faithful to our idea."

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The coach of UD Las Palmas stated after the draw against Real Sporting that "The team's predisposition has been very good. Sporting had the same energy as us when we started the game, they did a very intense job and had the advantage of one goal."

"There were important players who were injured and were not ready to play from the start, we needed fresh air and everyone was prepared to play. I don't think the referee influenced the result," he added.

The coach highlighted that "Álvaro Jiménez had not played for a long time, but he had double pressure with the Sporting players. Marvin couldn't keep pressing constantly for 45 minutes, both Álvaro and him did a very good job."

Despite the draw, the coach expressed that "The team has been very faithful, that's what we want to see from UD Las Palmas, and I think we deserved to win."