García Pimienta: "Jonathan Viera Won the Game"

UD Las Palmas' coach celebrated the team's victory and dedicated it "to the fans, who never stopped cheering us on for the three points. I'm very happy for the players; today, we got the reward."

García Pimienta expressed his satisfaction with today's victory against RC Celta at the Estadio Gran Canaria: "The way I see it, the team never stops trying until the end. We had a very solid game, the fans kept cheering, and I'm happy for them. We got the reward."

Regarding Jonathan Viera: "Since I've been here, it's an absolute pleasure to train Jonathan Viera; two promotions aren't achieved so easily. Today, he won the game; the match took a turn with his entry." "As long as he's with us, I'm convinced he'll help us because he's the most talented player," he added.

Marc Cardona was one of the second-half catalysts and the scorer of the winning goal. Pimienta praised him, saying, "He's a player who gives everything he has, he doesn't play more because I don't put him, not because he doesn't deserve it. He scored a fantastic goal, I know what he works on every day, and I'm very happy for him."

"When the matches end, I analyze what happened, regardless of the results. Today, we got the reward, and when we don't win, we have to keep insisting and believing. This is the way," he concluded.