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García Pimienta: "If we maintain patience and defensive organization, we'll have chances to compete in the match."

The yellow coach emphasized in his press conference, "We're eager to play again at the Gran Canaria Stadium with our fans."

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García Pimienta appeared before the match against Sevilla FC, this Sunday, at the Gran Canaria Stadium. Regarding the team, the UD Las Palmas coach stated, "After the break, we've trained very well during the weeks. We're eager to play again and improve all those things that have escaped us in these last few games. We want to minimize the errors that have cost us so many points in recent weeks."

Here are some of his statements:

"I expected the rough patch; if we look at the team's matches, we've competed well, we've been close to drawing or winning in most of them. We have to be even clearer and be ourselves. We've gone six games without winning because the opponent also plays; we have to keep believing in the team. We've made specific mistakes that you can't afford in La Liga."

"We've gone six games without winning because the opponents play. We have to look at who we've played against in these matches, but we also have to keep believing in all the good things. We've made specific mistakes that are quite serious, and opponents don't forgive. But we're convinced that if we continue on this path, we'll be closer to winning."

"There are eight games left, fortunately or unfortunately, I always make decisions convinced that it's the best for the team. The players are training well; they're all ready to help the team if necessary."

"Mistakes infuriate me a lot. We analyze the matches regardless of the result. We see if we've done things right or not because winning or losing doesn't affect our analysis. When you make such serious mistakes in La Liga, it's normal for opponents to penalize you heavily because they have quality."

"We're not going to blame the player who makes a mistake; this is a team issue. The first thing we need to achieve is that opponents have fewer chances on our goal. And then, be close to providing assistance so that my teammate can solve it."