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García Pimienta: "I hope tomorrow will be a celebration for the fans, showcasing everything accomplished this season."

García Pimienta appeared in the press room at the Ciudad Deportiva: "I always said we are UD Las Palmas and that tough times would come. I never imagined it would last so long."

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García Pimienta spoke to the media before facing his last match as the coach of UD Las Palmas: "I am at peace with having made the right decision, though I have mixed feelings. It's a difficult sensation because I feel very loved here. We need to come back with the family once a year. But I am calm knowing I made the right choice. The club needs fresh air, and I believed the project had come to an end," he said.

"This recent bad streak was overshadowed by achieving survival. The most important thing is that UD Las Palmas remains where it deserves to be, which is in the First Division," he added.

Here are some of his statements:

"In football, things happen that you don't expect. Fortunately, both Alavés had an excellent season, and so did we. I hope the fans have a good time, and hopefully, we get the three points because I believe the fans deserve it."

"The club showed interest in my continuity for many months. But the main thing was staying in the division. I felt that the cycle had ended. When we secured survival in Cádiz, I felt relieved. The club's offer was incredible; I won't get a better offer than from UD Las Palmas."

"My legacy here is an identity; we achieved results in a recognizable way. Everyone knows what will happen when UD Las Palmas takes the field, and we never lost this identity even during tough times. With this approach and the right players, we can achieve goals."

"I consider this entire phase a success. What stands out to me is what happened with Kirian, it was a very unpleasant situation for everyone. But after a delicate health moment, he ended up playing again. My greatest success here is that Kirian returned to being a footballer."

"The identity of UD Las Palmas cannot be lost. Luis Helguera will bring in a new coach who will believe in the project, although with his own nuances. UD Las Palmas is a team recognized throughout Spain and even beyond."