García Pimienta: "I'm very happy for the players, but especially for the fans, they deserve it."

The coach emphasized: "I don't think we were braver; Granada was very organized offensively, and it was very difficult for us. With Mika Mármol's expulsion, they took a step forward."

García Pimienta appeared in the press room of the Estadio Gran Canaria after the victory against Granada CF (1-0). The coach highlighted about the team, "Everything will go well if we continue like this. I'm very happy for the victory; the team had deserved to win in other matches."

Here are his statements:

"We saw that Munir could provide solutions in the area, we thought that with Pejiño and Jonathan, we could have goal-scoring opportunities, they were offside, but they were clear chances."

"We have to get used to, as we've discussed internally, dealing with these kinds of situations. Last year, we won more than we lost, and this year, maybe we'll lose more than we win. So, unfortunately, we'll be hovering around the three relegation spots, but we have to live with it."

"It will be very difficult for us to win every game. Today was the game in which we generated the least."

"I'm very happy for Kirian who scored a fantastic goal. Our greatest success is that Kirian is a football player, and I've always said that."

"Perhaps it wasn't our best game, but the team showed bravery with one player less to secure a very important victory."

"Today's victory is very important; we're going to enjoy it a lot. We're going to approach Wednesday's game against Real Madrid to win it."