García Pimienta: We're in the best league in the world, and all teams have their strengths

García Pimienta addressed the media ahead of the Sevilla FC - UD Las Palmas match in the press room at the Barranco Seco sports complex. The coach commented on the upcoming opponent, saying, "We have a great match against Sevilla ahead of us. It's unrealistic for them to have zero points considering their club's potential and squad. They're a team that surely won't be at the bottom of the table by the end of the season."

Here are some of his statements:

"We need to compete, play well, and give our best performance. We have to take a step forward in this highly competitive league, both in terms of our style of play and capitalizing on chances. We understand the difficulty, but we approach the match with the commitment to be proud of what we've done, regardless of the result."

"The reality is that we have two points from four games. We want to win and secure our place in the league, but aside from results, we analyze what we've done in each match. The team has been able to compete in every game, but I believe we need to earn all three points."

"We have a distinct identity and a profile of players. We don't adapt to the opponent, but if we face teams comfortable in possession, we are much stronger when we have the ball. We try to take the ball away to control the game."

"We're aware that we're Las Palmas, and it will be a challenging year in La Liga as we fight to avoid the relegation zone. We're in an adaptation process where, despite doing many things right, we only have two points. I'm confident that working this way, we'll be in La Liga next year."

"When you have players like Sory Kaba, Sandro, Cristian Herrera, Pejiño in the squad... I'm convinced that the lack of goals is also because our opponents play well. The goalkeepers of Real Sociedad and Girona made excellent saves. With the quality we have up front, I'm sure the goals will come. I'd be concerned if we weren't creating chances."