García Pimienta: The team displayed an extremely upbeat mindset and playing style.

The coach of UD Las Palmas appeared at the press conference after the match against Levante UD stating that It was a very important match, we played in front of an opponent who, if they had won, would have surpassed us in the standings.

The coach of UD Las Palmas, García Pimienta, appeared at the press conference of the Gran Canaria Stadium, after the draw in the match against Levante UD, stating that "The team has shown a lot of character, they have had a very good version in terms of game and attitude." 

"We have taken the initiative in the game, we have not had very clear chances but we have generated them," he added. García Pimienta explained that "In the second half I do not remember a chance from Levante, we have not been precise up front, not even on set pieces."

These were some of his statements:

"Levante was not better than Las Palmas, far from it. We were the ones trying to win through domination."

"It is true that they had chances in the first half, but we had the initiative."

"When you defend so high and make a mistake in an action, the opponent can counterattack. The opponents and we know that."

"Sandro is a first division player, when you have injury problems you have to take care of the players so that they arrive well in the matches, he can be decisive in the last five rounds."

"If we want to achieve important things we have to win, no matter if it is against Zaragoza or another team."