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García Pimienta: “Both Mallorca and we have a great deal on the line. That game will be difficult.”

The yellow coach emphasized about the match: "It's a La Liga match, and there are only four games left. We must focus solely on tomorrow's match because it will be a competitive encounter."

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García Pimienta appeared on Friday in the press room at the Ciudad Deportiva where he stated: "When we don't have the ball, we need to be assertive and win duels, including second balls. We have to be very attentive to all actions because this match will be demanding, especially in the duels."

Here are some of his statements:

"Mallorca is a very powerful team, a winner in duels. I'm not saying we lack willingness, but we must be very focused against a rival that is strong in that aspect. On the other hand, we excel with the ball. I hope it will be a long game, and that things go as we expect."

"We're going through a tough spell of results. There are phases in games where we've been better than other times, in terms of gameplay, people are very convinced even though the results aren't going our way. Training sessions are very demanding."

"I can't blame anything on the players because they're all performing at their highest level. But there are situations where we all have more to give. I'm talking, for example, about concentration in specific plays, winning both defensive and offensive duels, all of which depend on us. We need to take that extra step, we need to be more demanding of ourselves personally."

"I'm happy with the squad we have; it's the one presented to me at the beginning, and I accepted it. I'm very pleased with the players' attitude because they're all giving their maximum."