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Coco: No matter who plays, they will bring competitiveness, leading us to play our best

The center-back of UD Las Palmas indicated that against Real Oviedo, they are expecting a complicated and long match, we will have to be patient and play well to take the three points

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UD Las Palmas player Saúl Coco spoke to the media at the Sports City after the morning session. The team is already in the final stretch of preparing for their next match against Real Oviedo, a tough opponent. Coco said, "They proposed a demanding game against us there. It will be a long, patient game, they will try to disrupt our play. We will have to play well to take the three points."

On the team's progress, Coco said, "We have continued to work calmly. It is clear that victories help to give us security and confidence. There are always things to improve, and we continue to work to correct those aspects that we can improve."

He also commented on his own performance, saying, "Having continuity and the coach's confidence allows me to give my best version. I have a lot of room for improvement, but I feel more secure and mature."

Coco expressed his ambition to help Las Palmas get promoted to the first division, saying, "I am very calm here, and I have a contract until 2025. My only ambition is to help Las Palmas get promoted and play in the first division with the club."

Regarding their defensive solidity, Coco said, "When we talk about defensive solidity, we talk about the team as a whole. The merit is from the whole team. Our way of defending is effective but also risky. Any imbalance can affect us a lot, and perhaps in that sense, we are not having the same luck as in the first round. We will continue to work because this is how we feel most comfortable playing."

He concluded by saying, "We have a very large squad, and whoever plays will bring competitiveness, and that makes us all have to work hard to give our best version."