Aquilani: "Prince has told me that this is an amazing place to play"

Alberto Aquilani was introduced today as the new player of UD Las Palmas. "I'm physically fine to play," he said at a news conference. "Prince told me this is an amazing place to play."

Toni Cruz, sports director, has highlighted Alberto Aquilani who is a top level player, and international in all categories with Italy. "Over the years he has been delaying his position in the field," he said. Referring to the possibility of including a new player before the market closes, said that is working on it as well as solve the situation of Alfredo Ortuño.

"I really wanted to play in the Spanish league. It's a new adventure for me after playing in Italy, England and Portugal," said Aquilani. "I come to UD Las Palmas to contribute with my experience. I consider myself a very sacrificed player." The Roman footballer acknowledged to like Las Palmas "philosophy" . "The other day I could see the game against Atletico Madrid, and everything became very difficult at first."

Aquilani says that he is already fit to play and that he adapts to any position in the middle of the field. His tie will be for the next two seasons and will wear his jersey number 25.