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Alvaro: We have to keep working from normality, being stronger and more united than ever

The UD Las Palmas player pointed out that, what will lead us to our goal is to keep working as we have been until now.

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Alvaro Jimenez spoke at a press conference prior to the game against Albacete BP. The yellow player began his speech by stating that the group is approaching the game "working normally and practicing what we will do on Monday, stronger and more united than ever."

These were some of his statements:

"From the first minute I arrived here, I have felt very loved. I am still the same, intense and unbalancing whether I play for one or ninety minutes."

"I prefer to play against the top teams, we are good at playing against them, we become great. We are not afraid to play against any team in the category on equal terms."

"The season is very long, we were not the best before, nor are we the worst now. Something incredible is being done here, and we should not single out anyone, we are all together."

"Albacete is doing great, and they will try to play their game. I hope things go well for them from Monday onwards."

"Whoever plays has done great, we don't need to talk about Plan A and Plan B, we need to talk about Las Palmas."

"The important thing now is Albacete, to win and be able to get back on track."