Pepe Mel: “The team is growing a lot”

Las Palmas’ manager stated that his side “is growing a lot with every game now. The players are in fine form” adding, “it would be unfair to single out any individual player as they have all worked really hard”.


13/10/2019 22:25

Pepe Mel was quick to point out following tonight’s fine victory, that “there are still 31 games to go and that is an eternity. We will be back training tomorrow and we need to turn our attention to our next match against Cádiz”. 

“The formula is based on how those who are not playing are training. They are making it hard for their team-mates and that is key” he said. As for the match, he said the thing he liked most about his team was “how they are working when they don’t have the ball. When they lose possession they work really hard together”. 

Pedri has been called up to Spain’s national team for the upcoming Under-17s World Cup, and he will miss several league matches in the meantime. Mel said that “he is difficult to replace, impossible even, but someone else will come in for him who will do just as good a job and will bring other things to the team”. 

The fans came out in support of the club and also wore pink at the Estadio Gran Canaria, and the manager was very grateful, saying  “they made a great effort”. He finished by saying “it is the players who bring the fans through the turnstiles and now they deserve to have bigger crowds”.