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Mantovani: “We need to approach this game with respect”

“Just because Nástic only have a single point doesn’t mean they are worse than us” stated Mantovani during the press conference at the Estadio Gran Canaria. He underlined “we need to show we are better than them on the pitch”.

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Martín Mantovani spoke to the press prior to the clash this Friday against Nástic, saying “they will be a tough opponent like they all are in the second division. We need to prove we are better than them on the pitch”. The Argentine defender recognised that although the team is not 100% and there are things to be tweaked, “the team is unbeaten after three games. There are positives and we need to push the bad things aside. The trainer is asking things of us and things are gradually being sorted out”.

”The squad is very good, there is great competition for places and that is positive for everyone because it is not easy to be in the starting line-up” Mantovani continued. The atmosphere in the dressing room, which is full of new faces, was an interesting topic for the journalists present, and the defender responded by saying “there’s a great group, it is very important we stick together”. 

As for the start of the season in the second division, Mantovani said “the level of all teams is very much the same throughout the league so it makes for a tight league table”. As for the player personally, he said he hoped “to be in the starting line-up as often as possible”.