García Pimienta: "We're very clear about who we are and where we're heading."

The coach emphasized in the press conference before the visit to Real Betis that "We have to demand that the team competes. If that happens, we can achieve the results."

García Pimienta appeared this Friday in the press room before the trip to Seville. The yellow coach was resolute in affirming about the team that "They're convinced because they have the ability to do it. If they didn't, we'd change the playing style." "When things don't go well, the coach steps in and convinces them that it's the way. When things go wrong, you have to be even more convinced," he added.

These were some of his statements:

"The break has been very good for us to rest and disconnect a bit. Having the guys go with the National Team fills us with pride. Yesterday, Coco and Moleiro trained, today Julián will train."

"It's a big game, against a club playing European competition. It's a beautiful challenge for us; we'll have to be a hundred percent focused. We need to be ourselves and do things well as we know how."

"If nothing strange happens, Sandro and Pejiño will be in the squad; today's and tomorrow's training sessions remain. Thinking about the best for the match, we have many men upfront and we have to try to get it right."

"Álvaro is doing well, he has played many games in the Second Division and now in the First. When you return to your home club, it's a special feeling; as always, he wants to do well. He's training very well."

"I haven't asked for anything for the winter transfer window. In fact, there's a commitment for Fabio to join the team with the available squad number. We do need to be prepared in case any information comes up, to solve it quickly."