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García Pimienta: We tried, but we weren't accurate enough

After the defeat, the coach stated that It's a very tough night, we lacked speed and missed many opportunities.

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The coach of UD Las Palmas stated after the defeat against Real Oviedo that "When a team sits back, it's similar to when a team is reduced to 10 men. In the first half, the opponent is fresher, and if they limit themselves to defending and nothing happens in the other area, it's very difficult to get in."

"The opponents study us, they know what good shots our players have," highlighted the coach, who added that "The team tried, gave it their all. We have to keep pushing."

The coach emphasized that now "We have to think about the game against Granada next week to go for the three points. When there are 3 games left, we will look at the points we have and what we can aspire to."

Despite the defeat, the coach wanted to make it clear that "I am convinced that when we are more accurate in front of goal, the situation will change."