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UD defeats Lugo and Gran Canaria retains the lead. (3-0)

The Second Division's leadership stayed on Gran Canaria for another week. On the night when Kirian Rodrguez returned to a professional football record, UD Las Palmas safeguarded him with a gruelling 3-0 victory over CD Lugo. The yellows took their coach G

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The night began with a rush of emotions: the appearance of Kirian Rodrguez in his first call-up of the season, a standing ovation as a popular farewell to Manolo Viera, a combined photo of the two teams in support of the earthquake victims from Syria and Turkey,... And the initial characters' pursuit for both goals began with the first movement of the ball.

Lugo took advantage of the early opportunity in the opening minute of the game, with a long ball that Sebas Moyano grabbed on his vertical run. The visiting striker's effort, however, was blocked by Alvaro Valles with his leg, ending the rival's first dangerous message. Moments afterwards, Las Palmas answered with a ball crossed into the area by Sergi Cardona, which Loren Morón was ready to redirect.

It took Unión Deportiva 30 minutes to locate the first gap through which to gain a lead on the scoreboard. Fran Pejiño had tried it from the perimeter of the area in minute 28. With his left, he challenged goalkeeper Whalley's reflexes, who touched just enough to deflect for a corner. However, the score was 1-0 in Naciente’s stand less than a minute later. The play began with a steal by Eric Curbelo, was extended with the help of Jonathan Viera, and ended with a shot by Pejiño, who this time got past Whalley in his half start.

The lead calmed the Gran Canarias, who scored twice before the break. Although, in the 41st minute, the ever-present Whalley again covered a point-blank shot by Loren Morón. Lugo's goalie stepped in to deflect the ball's deadly trajectory.

However, it was 2-0 in the 45th minute. Enzo Loiodice took advantage of an extended local offensive activity, with numerous shoots in the area and a last pass from Moleiro, with a precise low and cross shot.

In the second half, Las Palmas desired more. Loren Morón's piece was the third. The Betis loanee heeled a ball into the goalmouth that Eric Curbelo had previously touched. Minutes later, he was relieved by Marc Cardona, who emerged in the area with a shot that Whalley diverted once again, preventing more damage to his team.

The Gran Canaria team finished the rest of the game with a strong showing. He came close to scoring a fourth goal on multiple times, but it never occurred, despite Oscar Clemente's effort being deflected by the crossbar after the game was almost over.