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Las Palmas triumphantly returns to the First Division. (0-0)

UD Las Palmas is back in the First Division. García Pimienta's players fulfilled one of the possible conditions on the last matchday to secure their ticket back to the top tier. The match against Deportivo Alavés was thrilling and intense until the 96th minute, with the stands filled with a yellow wave that lifted their team. The goalless draw, in front of 31,790 people, served as the final push for the island team to achieve their objective in the photo finish of the regular season.

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The Gran Canaria players tied up all the loose ends in their qualification match against a rival who would have earned direct promotion as well if they had won. With the playoffs still open, Alavés will continue their campaign.

 The game had a lot of discussion points. The only unexpected player in the starting eleven was Fabio. Alberto Moleiro was replaced by the Southeast player by technical decision in an effort to maintain ball possession in the early stages of the game. 

The football night had a tight start, with a lot of tension and battle, although each team used different tactics. With the ball as their tool, Las Palmas circulated, looking for gaps in the opposition's defense. And so, the first chance came for the home team. After a parabolic pass from Kirian, Loiodice caught the ball in the area, but defender Adqar thwarted the potential shot by anticipating the Frenchman.

That happened minutes before the first setback for the home side. Pejiño requested a substitution after the first quarter of an hour. Marvin Park entered the field as his replacement.

The intensity of the game remained high, with a halftime balance of 3 fouls committed by the home team and 15 by the visitors. Alavés managed to halt the home team's initiatives through interruptions, although the best chance of the first half fell to Sandro Ramírez in the 42nd minute. Kirian once again found his teammate with a skillful play starting from the ground. However, the striker's powerful shot went wide of the Naciente Stand's post.

Before the break, García Pimienta's plans were disrupted again when Fabio was stepped on by Guridi. The pain on the island midfielder's face indicated that something important had happened to his ankle. Fabio requested to stay on the field after receiving medical attention, although he had to endure being "nicked" until halftime to avoid using up a second substitution.

The second half provided new standout moments, but the score remained 0-0. Jonathan Viera had his first shot in the 57th minute. He combined with Sandro, who returned the ball with a backheel pass. The captain's shot was narrowly close to the post but failed to beat Sivera. The optical effect made the fans on the other side of the field think it was a goal.

The first opportunity for Alavés came to Villalibre after a defensive mistake. The forward reached the area and managed to shoot, but Álvaro Valles denied him the goal with a low save using his foot.

In a frenzy stage, Las Palmas could have scored in the 67th minute after a double chance for Sandro and Kirian. However, the goalkeeper first, and then a defender, repelled both yellow shots made in the heart of the box.

 The pulse was maintained until the final whistle. The 0-0 scoreline was enough to guarantee the objective. It was achieved with suffering and sacrifice because Alavés pressed in the final moments, sending crosses into the box where Valles and his teammates stood tall.

The party kicked off after the match ended, with a fanbase that, after tirelessly cheering on their players, ultimately celebrated the seventh promotion to the First Division.

Match summary
UD Las Palmas
UD Las Palmas
Estadio Gran Canaria
Deportivo Alavés
Deportivo Alavés
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Sivera photo
Cardona photo
R. Duarte photo
03R. Duarte
Álex Suárez photo
04Álex Suárez
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Lemos S. photo
14Lemos S.
N. Tenaglia photo
14N. Tenaglia71
Coco photo
A. Abqar photo
22A. Abqar
Fabio photo
Guridi photo
Loiodice photo
C. Benavidez photo
23C. Benavidez83
Kirian photo
Jonathan Viera photo
21Jonathan Viera
L. Rioja photo
11L. Rioja
Pejiño photo
Sandro photo
A. Rebbach photo
21A. Rebbach54
Francisco Javier García Pimienta
Luis García Plaza
01A. Domínguez
Owono photo
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05E. Clemente
Arroyo photo
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06E. Curbelo83
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10A. Moleiro
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27Javi López
15Álvaro J.g.
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17O. Clemente
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28Alex Balboa
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07M. Sylla
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Match officials
Victor García Verdura
Unai García Urbaneja
Sergi López Freixa
Gerard Brull Acerete
Fourth official
Eduardo Prieto Iglesias
Video Assistant Referee
Francisco José Hernández Maeso
Assistant VAR Official