Las Palmas takes the lead at El Molinón (0-1)

This Saturday, UD Las Palmas won another away game, this time against Sporting de Gijón (0-1). The squad scored his goal in the first half, allowing us to regain the lead of the classification. Later in the game, the yellows had multiple chances to win, i

García Pimienta replaced the injured Viera and Nuke Mfulu with Alvaro Jiménez and Fabio González, respectively. These were the changes in the yellow starting eleven for the last derby, along with the return of Romanian forward Florin Andone. With such footballers, Las Palmas faced an always hard game on a difficult pitch, with one of its corners taken over by island fans. They made their voices heard.

The Gran Canaria squad calmly accepted the start of the encounter, with a first stage characterised by a mutual approach full of care, with no chances in either area.

The afternoon, however, began with a goal from UD Las Palmas. It was the visiting team's first opportunity, which resulted in rapid play down the left wing. Andone found Sergi Cardona, who won the bottom line and attempted a goal pass. The ball came into contact with Izquierdoz, a defender who tackled the play in an attempt to block the threat, but the ball finished on his own goal. Cuéllar couldn't dodge the 0-1 and Canarian revelry.

Las Palmas had accomplished the most difficult task on their first try. And in the remaining minutes of the first half, they had two more chances to increase their lead. Both happened at the conclusion of two counterattacks. Moleiro helped Alvaro Jiménez, who sent a powerful shot from the edge of the box that resisted the crossbar in minute 36. After a heist in the offensive zone by Jiménez, the Andalusian tried to link with his teammate Andone in the 44th minute. However, in a last-ditch defensive move, Pedro Daz stepped in and ended the maximum-risk play.

Sporting tried to level the game with a series of less offensive plays, which Alex Dominguez solved. However, the halftime score remained 0-1.

Pejiño gained confidence in the second half. With a thunderous shot that went close to the crossbar in the 46th minute, he was the next yellow card to try. In minute 54, the crossbar again denied Gran Canaria another opportunity. Moleiro was responsible, with a shot from the edge of the box that Cuéllar was able to block. The refusal reached Andone, but the Romanian was unable to locate the second shot.

The first tense moment of the day in Gijón came in the 74th minute, when the referee gave Alex Dominguez a penalty, but the entire action was disallowed owing to rojiblancos forwards being offside. Surprisingly, same action would be replayed in 92 in the Sporting area, with Vitolo receiving a penalty and the play being disallowed as well.

Sporting performed their finest moves from set pieces. After a corner kick, Gragera finished with a header, chipping the ball, in minute 89. However, Domnguez countered by rejecting the draw. El Molinón's celebration was once again Gran Canarian.