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García Pimienta: "Winning is always important, but I'll take what happens with the fans afterwards, it's wonderful."

The coach said about Huesca. "I expect a competitive Huesca; they are extremely organized and focused; I hope we are at 100% and produce clear opportunities as we did against Mirandés."

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The UD Las Palmas coach spoke during a press conference this morning ahead of tomorrow's encounter against SD Huesca. Regarding the opponent, the coach stated that "Huesca played a very good game in the first round, becoming the first team to beat us following a bad run, but that game has nothing to do with tomorrow's, as we have players who have recovered from their injuries and have complied with their respective sanctions. Despite the troubles the opponent has had in recent games, I believe it will be a very difficult game, and we will have to fight very hard to win.".

As a result, he stated: "It's always essential to win, but what happens afterwards with the fans is wonderful. We'd go for three points if we played away; you have to become used to winning in order to accomplish great things ".

"Time here has flown by quite fast, and I think things have turned out fairly well, probably better than we imagined," he said of his first year at the club. I love the island and how the locals treat us; my family and I consider ourselves to be Canary Islanders as well”.

In terms of players avalible: "For me, an essential player doesn't need to play 90 minutes of the game to be such, it is who assists the team. Vitolo is crucial to the group; from now until the conclusion of the season, he will be a huge help to us. Marvin is a fantastic player; his injuries haven't helped him much, but I view him as the unquestionable starter, and I hope he gets more playing time with the squad.”.

"On Saturday, I am going to be unfair, there are players who deserve to play, but only eleven can play, this is the brilliance of the squad, whomever is on the bench is prepared to offer all the team needs," he concluded”.