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García Pimienta: " We only need to stay focused on Oviedo”

The UD Las Palmas coach spoke to the media and assured "another exciting match is on the way. Both teams have distinct styles, and our goal is to have the ball so that we can be stronger "

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García Pimienta made an electronic appearance before the match against Real Oviedo, a team that indicated that "he has managed to reverse the situation since Alvaro’s arrival. We have ready the players as much as possible for the game ".

"It is noted that Alvaro's style is very clear, just like ours; our intention is to have the ball because it makes us stronger, but Oviedo has their weapons. We both want to win with our style ", he hinted at what to expect at the Carlos Tartiere.

The coach stated about Vitolo: "I'm very happy for him; he's getting less and less uncomfortable, and his joy spreads to the rest of us. Unfortunately, he won't be around for much longer, so he will be gradually incorporated. He brought quality and experience, and he brought the game to a halt when Sporting was hugging us ".

"If we win, we will certainly be able to stay at the top, but there will still be more than one lap left, it will be very difficult to stand out in this category, so we only have to focus on this game," the coach affirmed.

He defined the opponent as a team "that have very clear strengths: they are very defensively supportive, they don't mind being without the ball, and they know how to attack quickly. Naturally, they are strong from set pieces; we must want the ball and attack, being ourselves and paying attention at all times ".

We will, without a doubt, make changes. The fact that a team locks itself in worries me little; against an opponent like Oviedo, we must be practical with the ball, create numerous chances in the opposing zone, and be effective in front of goal," he added. The UD Las Palmas coach concluded, "I would be concerned if we did not create chances, but we also need to be more effective, and everyone needs to be mentally prepared to score if the opportunity arises."